Tuesday 3 September 2019

LISTEN: Joe Hicks - 'Swim'

"I'd give my soul just to keep you warm."

I've got a lovely new track to share with you today from my singer-songwriter pal Joe Hicks. Swim is his third single release of the year, another beautiful tune written around the same time as Cold and Hollow and in Joe's own words "it's a song about escape." It's also a perfect five minutes in length - I appreciate the precision!

We first met almost five years ago now when I was volunteering at Oxjam Festival in Oxford, at the now closed Purple Turtle bar. Pretty sure I met a member of The Libertines that night but more exciting to me was rushing to a tiny pub after my shift to see Adam Barnes, who Joe was playing guitar (and backing vocals) with. I saw them playing lots after that, in some of the quirkiest places I've been to gigs in (a primary school, a café, a living room and a church to name a few) and I'm loving Joe's solo releases. Check out Swim below!

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