Wednesday 11 September 2019

LISTEN: Marcus Hamblett - 'Lost At Sea' (feat. Kate Stables)

The Bear's Den fans among you may know Marcus Hamblett for his work on stage with the band, as well as for his production and musical contributions to Christof van der Ven's recent album. Exciting news - Marcus is grabbing a bit of the limelight for himself (deservedly so) and has just announced his second solo album, Detritus. It's due for release via his label Wilkommen Records on November 15th and first track Lost At Sea features Kate Stables of This Is The Kit. Taking inspiration from the various bands and artists Marcus has produced and played with over the years, the album forms a sort of patchwork, a collage of genres, including electronic music, jazz, post-rock and modern composition. I'm certainly excited to hear more!

The first single was originally written back in 2006 for guitar, flute and clarinet, and this version of the track emerged when Marcus recorded the album's drummer Tom Heather playing in a soundcheck. He explains that "this song is sort of a cornerstone of the record, the idea of 'detritus', all the broken off crumbs, dust, leftovers that ended up staying in. I've known Kate Stables for a long time [...] now I sometimes play brass and occasionally electric guitar with This Is The Kit. I'm so glad she did the vocals for this so I could bury mine." Listen below...

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