Wednesday 2 September 2015

LISTEN: Adam Barnes - 'I Can't Love You Anymore'

Take a listen to the new track from Oxford acoustic artist Adam Barnes, entitled I Can't Love You Anymore, and taken from his upcoming EP, One Day We'll Be Fine. First discovering Adam's music through an acoustic session a few years ago, I saw him play a house gig earlier in the year, and loved the passion and simplicity behind the performance - something that always comes across in his recorded music. The lyrics and prominence of the vocals in the track loads it with emotion, giving it a raw feeling whilst the layered vocals of the chorus give the effect of a big song that the crowds on Adam's upcoming UK tour will happily sing along to. 

You can pre-order the five track EP which is released on 29th September from iTunes here, and you'll be able to download this track straightaway. I'm currently taking a listen of the EP which I've been sent to review and loving it - I'll write a post about it closer to the release date.

Also, Adam Barnes tours intimate venues across the UK with Chris Ayer in October, dates and tickets are here

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