Saturday 26 September 2015

LISTEN: Half Moon Run - 'Hands In The Garden'

After desperately wanting to see them live for a couple of years, I was lucky enough to get tickets for Canadian indie rockers Half Moon Run, who played a small show at London's Oslo Hackney to premiere music from their upcoming record, Sun Leads Me On, which is due to be released on 23rd October. 

After snapping up their debut album, Dark Eyes, in a four for £10 offer at my local music store, I've listened to it an awful lot over the past few years - tracks you are likely to know from it are Full  Circle and Call Me In The Afternoon, a track which, with 3 of the band's four members playing drums, was an energetic and fun experience for the band and the crowd alike. I have high hopes for the upcoming record and these were supported by the release of recent singles Trust and Turn Your Love, which both went down really well live earlier this week. The 16 track set included those, and 7 other new tracks, one of which was Hands In The Garden, which the band have just released online. With elements such as the harmonica and beautiful harmonies, it has got what a fan of the band's first record will have come to expect, whilst appealing to first time listeners too.

The band play a short UK tour following the release in October, with a massive headline show at London's Roundhouse in March. The show this week was the first in a while to leave me trembling in awe after the set - I was particularly impressed with the showmanship and energy of the whole band - I'd recommend getting along to one of these shows if they're playing near you! Tour dates and tickets are here.

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