Thursday 18 August 2022

LISTEN: Lizzie Reid - 'Love Of Her Life'

Well this is all sorts of beautiful, isn't it?! Love Lizzie Reid, and chuffed that she's got a new EP on the way. Releasing via sevenfoursevensix on August 31st, it's called Mooching and I can't wait to give it a listen. Opener Love Of Her Life is a slow-burning delight. Really special. Those guitars are lush, but it's Lizzie's vocals that completely transfix. It's a double Lizzie week too, as she's on the new Jake Whiskin track, Drive You Home, which is just as brill. 

On Love Of Her Life, Lizzie shares: "At the time I wrote the song, I felt like I was looking at heartbreak from a new and less naive perspective. But now I have a bit of distance on it, I can see I was still carrying a lot of baggage. For example, when I say 'I don't mind', I see now that I clearly do mind - but I have a different way of confronting my emotions." 

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