Thursday 25 August 2022

WATCH: Melin Melyn - 'Hold The Line'

Stepping away from the acoustic songs of the last few posts to share this new track from my faves Melin Melyn. Somehow, they're able to make something as everyday as calling up your energy supplier into a psychedelic dream of a song (the lyrics are brilliant, honestly.) The aptly named Hold The Line is taken from their upcoming EP Happy Gathering which is releasing digitally on 30th September, and on vinyl in early 2023. Why not whet your appetite with last year's superb Blomonj EP? 

On the track, singer Gruff shares: "I called a well known energy supplier that has recently gone into administration to get advice on my rocketing bills. I spoke to a lovely lady called Lisa. After a short chat, she asked me if I could Hold the Line for a few minutes. No problem, she promised she'd call me back. Whilst waiting, I wrote this song. She never called me back. And I promptly switched off the boiler." 

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