Tuesday 23 August 2022

ALBUM NEWS: Sophie Jamieson - 'Choosing'

Beautiful song alert. Album news alert. Be alert - the utterly enchanting Sophie Jamieson has shared news of her debut album Choosing (YES!) with first single Sink. The album is due via Bella Union on 2nd December. I've long been a fan of Sophie's music and I can't wait (but I guess I'll have to...!) If you like what you hear below, I'd recommend her most recent EP, Release

Sophie describes it as "a record about hurting yourself, realising what you are doing, trying to understand why and trying to learn to stop", adding that she "spent a lot of time finding pain unbearable, trying to avoid it in every which way possible and only ever making it worse by running away. It was the most isolating experience."

"These songs are about trying and falling to love yourself and other people, trying again, getting it really wrong, seeing things blurry and then seeing them clearly, and making the choice to pick yourself up, choose yourself, set yourself free by allowing yourself to feel pain, anxiety, loneliness, and then the beginnings of joy, love and connection." 

On the new track, Sophie shares: "This song comes from the vulnerable place of knowing you are about to lose control over using alcohol as a band-aid. It also bridges the undeniably strong place of realising that you can choose to rescue yourself. I wrote it with an image of being alone on a desert island, some place that was so quiet and beautiful it felt eerie, almost threatening and incredibly lonely." 

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