Tuesday 9 February 2021

WATCH: Red Diesel - 'Feelitooelectricboogaloo'

Really digging this. New video and new artist for the blog alert... it's all going on today. Tuesday is the new Friday? Or something. Red Diesel, AKA singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Glenn Rawcliffe, who I'm familiar with as the drummer of Honey Moon (who I'm reaaaaally excited to find are recording their debut album at the moment!!) shared single Feelitooelectricboogaloo back in December. The track was self-produced and mixed by Louis Milburn (Fake Laugh, Italia 90) with all the recordings being completed in Glenn's bedroom (thanks to covid) - Glenn himself playing drums, bass, guitar, keys and vocals, and outsourcing sax to Lowri Heckler

A music video for the track dropped yesterday - very much a DIY project, it was mostly filmed in Glenn's flat, and most of the props for the video were built in it too. Including a mechanical horse, no less. On the video, Glenn explains: “the idea for the video kind of developed during the process of writing the song. It wasn’t an afterthought, but rather a visualisation of the deterioration of my mental state brought on by weeks of isolation during the first lockdown. I thought it would be amusing to illustrate my mild emotional breakdown by building a large fake horse around a tall bike, that I would later ride through the streets of South London. It seemed like the only rational thing to do.”

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