Tuesday 23 February 2021

LISTEN: Chloe Foy - 'Left Centred Weight'

The days are getting longer, the skies (sometimes) bluer and the end of restrictions is near (ish - maybe). This brand new offering from Chloe Foy is the perfect listening material today. Following her recent Covers, Vol. 1 EP (check that A Little Respect cover too!) Chloe is back with an original, Left Centred Weight. I first listened to and blogged about Chloe with early track Without You in 2019 and adored Callous Copper in 2020, but this track has its origins way back in 2014. 

While those earlier tracks were stripped back, bringing together the deceptively simple combination of guitar, strings and Chloe's sublime vocals, here is something even more rich. Drums and all! It was recorded at Manchester's Pinhole Studios with the song's co-writer and producer Harry Fausing-Smith, who also arranged strings, creating a bed on which the vocals are elevated even further. 

Having lost her dad to depression, the track is described as being 'about the existential thoughts prompted from understanding mortality at a young age.' On the track, she shares that it is "about feeling that everyone's going to die, which comes about from having grieved once before. But ultimately coming to terms with it and making peace." 

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