Friday 19 February 2021

LISTEN: Lizzie Reid - 'Cubicle' EP

I should almost certainly be asleep but instead I'm trying to write a post ready to share in the morning. Sometimes I've got a plan, sometimes I stare into my list of ideas and pick out something that I really want to share at the time - today it's the latter, as I'm desperate to share this beautiful collection of tracks, the new EP from Lizzie Reid, Cubicle. Seven tracks and just over twenty minutes of pure poetry and musical heaven await you. 

Released via Seven Four Seven Six, this is Lizzie's debut EP (I'm stunned by that fact!) and it was recorded with Oli Barton-Wood in Lizzie's home in Glasgow just before the first lockdown. Turning something difficult into a beautiful piece of work, the EP is a reflection of a summer in which Lizzie's first same-sex relationship came to an end. A tough situation to deal with, but one through which she grew more comfortable within her self and her sexuality. Listen to current single Company Car below...

On the EP, Lizzie shares: "I recorded this at my home in Glasgow, where most of the songs were written. It's about a time when I wasn't feeling my best but writing and recording this has helped me to process that time in my life and a real weight has been lifted. I'm so pleased to finally be releasing this record and thankful for everyone who has helped make it happen." 

Listen to the Cubicle EP in full here.

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