Thursday 25 February 2021

LISTEN: Blood Wizard - 'Total Depravity'

This one peaked my interest in my inbox a few days back - Total Depravity from Blood Wizard. BW, AKA Cai Burns, is the frontman of Kagoule, who I caught opening for one of my fave singer-songwriters (and all-round fave humans) Sam Beeton about a billion years ago (in 2012, ish) in Nottingham. They played an acoustic set, but Kagoule are anything but... punk to the core. Cai is now releasing music under the name Blood Wizard, and shared a few tracks last year. 

Total Depravity is my first listen to this new project, and the fourth track taken from his upcoming debut album Western Spaghetti, due next Friday (5th) via Moshi Moshi Records. The track juxtaposes a sing-along chorus and witty lyrics with the dark themes contained within them, with contrast also arising in the sound of the track - acoustic guitar working alongside some heavier sounds. On the track, Cai shares: "'Total Depravity' is a song about finding yourself in a situation that causes you to lose sight of yourself. An extended period of time that kind of turns into an obvious blur." 

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