Wednesday 9 September 2020

WATCH: Matilda Mann - 'Happy Anniversary, Stranger'

Time for some new Matilda Mann, and by far the cutest thing that I found in my submissions inbox last week. Happy Anniversary, Stranger is the third track to be taken from Matilda's upcoming Because I Wanted You To Know EP, due for release later in the year. Co-written by Matt Maltese, it's a really sweet track about fancying for a stranger who you see regularly, but never talk to - in this case, on a bus. While you're here - there's a new video of Matilda performing Robbed by the Thames here. Lovely!

About the track, Matilda said "I used to get the bus to school every day and there would always be this guy who I'd see every morning. We never spoke but I always thought it such a cute love story - to have a crush on someone from a distance and eventually getting the courage to say hello. The 266 to Hammersmith was the bus I got to school every day, so I've always wanted to work it into a song."

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