Tuesday 29 September 2020

WATCH: Dawes - 'Didn't Fix Me'

My fave Americans Dawes are releasing their seventh (!!!) studio album Good Luck With Whatever this Friday. They've been a favourite band of mine for a while now, since I caught them opening for Mumford & Sons in 2012, and at many shows of their own since, and a new album is always a cause for celebration - especially in such a strange year. It's hard to talk about their music without nodding towards their incredible lyricism - frontman Taylor is for me one of the greatest songwriters of our generation. Latest single Didn't Fix Me is a song focusing on mental health and personal survival, where that lyricism is at its best. I love them and absolutely can't wait for the album on Friday!! 

Frontman Taylor Goldsmith says of the track "it feels very natural to outsource our problems. Telling ourselves 'once I have this job, this partner, this amount of money, etc, I will be happy' is really effective and convenient. Unfortunately no one's life actually works that way. I'm sure we all know plenty of miserable people who seem to have it all and plenty of blissful people that seem to have close to nothing. This song is about the efforts one makes to find some easy fix, unable to recognise that it will never work that way, that we are in the end our own responsibility."

Good Luck With Whatever is due 2nd October - pre-order/pre-save here.

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