Tuesday 8 September 2020

WATCH: Francis of Delirium - 'Equality Song'

"Sometimes it feels like a fact of life, you're born, get your period and you'll get raped some time." 

As well as being a brilliant song - this is SO important. Luxembourg-based Canadian-American duo Francis of Delirium, who released their first track back in January and their debut EP in June, are back with a rightfully angsty track, fighting against systems which offer little help to victims of abuse. To see 19 year-old Jana Bahrich singing this track fills me with a whole wave of emotions, good and bad - it's a really powerful song. Funded by the Ministry of Equality in Luxembourg to celebrate 100 years of women's voting, the track is on Bandcamp a week before streaming platforms, with proceeds from downloads going to Femmes en Detresse, a domestic abuse charity in Luxembourg which provides protection and therapy.

About the track, Jana explains that it "was written mainly out of anger, at how absurd it is that sexual abuse is so normalised, and the systems that are in place just essentially shit on anyone that comes forward with their story. The Brett Kavanaugh hearings had just happened and then every week it felt like another story came out and it seemed like no-one cared. You grow up learning to be sceptical of other people and spend a lot of time in fear of the people around you. So, the song is meant to be lashing out about how broken structures and systems are."

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