Monday 7 September 2020

LISTEN: Laura Fell - 'Bone of Contention'

A little belatedly, I'm really chuffed to share this gorgeous debut. Friend of the blog Paddy from Stay Loose has just launched the first artist on his blog-turned-label, Balloon Machine Records. Not one to do things by halves, the track has already been picked up and recommended all over the place - and now it's here...! 

I love the story behind this. After a decade of writing poetry, Laura Fell, a psychotherapist by day, started to play music at 28, when her poems began to feel more like songs. She has just announced the release of her debut LP Safe from Me, due in November, and released first track Bone of Contention. Dedicated to fully realising her plans for the record, she held down three jobs to fund it, determined to push the record beyond its acoustic guitar origins. A gang of classically trained musicians were enlisted, with their flugelhorns, cellos, saxophones and double bass, and can be heard, beautifully, on this first track.

On the track, Laura explains that it is "an exercise in anger, really. I've always struggled to feel anger without also feeling out of control, and, therefore, disempowered. This song is about allowing myself to sit with my anger, and ending up finding clarity and power within it." 

Safe from Me is due for release on 20th November - order digitally/CD via Laura's Bandcamp here.

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