Wednesday 2 September 2020

WATCH: MarthaGunn - 'Say When'

The final piece of the puzzle is here. Say When is the fourth and final track from the incredible Caught Up & Confused EP from MarthaGunn, released on Friday. I ADORE this band. They've given me years of joy across so many brilliant singles and I'm over the moon for them to be working on their debut album. For now, an EP is more than welcome and it is superb. Lyrically and sonically, this is such a treat. You can and really really should listen to the full EP here & grab it on 10" vinyl here.

On the new single, frontwoman Abi says: "I remember writing this song so vividly. I'd been to a Halloween party with my brother. We were both hungover the next day and decided for some crazy reason to write a song. It all happened very fast and started with the intro bass loop and drum pattern. The song was written within the hour and immediately felt very special." 

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