Monday 10 February 2020

WATCH: Archie Faulks - 'What For'

Videos like this one are surely the main source of blame for me constantly wandering around in public with headphones in, singing. Except there is absolutely no way that I look as effortlessly cool as Archie does here. The video is for What For, the latest single from Archie Faulks, and it features a cameo from a familiar looking busker... Isaac Gracie, anyone? The track is taken from the upcoming Longing for London EP, due for release on 14th February.

Talking about the meaning of the track, Archie explains that "when everything feels hopeless in life there will always be certain things that can provide an element of comfort. I am lucky that singing, writing and listening to music gives me that. So this song is about despite it seeming like my world was falling apart I still had a safe refuge in the history of recorded music and my own guitar." 

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