Friday 7 February 2020

LISTEN: MF Tomlinson - 'Last Days of Rome'

In the latest in a flurry of exciting EP/album announcements (keep them coming, artists!) MF Tomlinson has announced news of his debut EP Last Days of Rome, due for release 13th March. The EP is his response to uncertain times, a mixture of humorous and hopeful, and the title track captures this mood, with relatable lyrics about our modern times, as he asks questions like "what is the point after the point of no return?" 

Talking about the track, MF explains that "the seed of this song was formed many years ago - sadly, it felt like the song only became more relevant as years went by. Now, in 2020 my homeland of Australia has been consumed by fire, Brexit looms and in the US the situation worsens with strikes in Iran. Yet somehow, our lives continue - this song is made up of all the thoughts that whirl around in the back of our minds as we go about our days, haunted by the knowledge that this might be the end."

To celebrate the launch of the EP, MF Tomlinson brings his incredibly dynamic and well loved performance back to London's The Lexington on 30th March - tickets here

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