Friday 14 June 2019

WATCH: Low Island - 'Search Box'

Low Island are back, and as always they are absolutely killing it with their brand new track Search Box. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, the lyrics explore an array of repetitive and random questions that we might genuinely ask an online search engine - "is it OK if I never get married, is it OK if I never own a house, and is it OK if I'm not OK?" with the chorus telling us to "put it in a box, everything you're asking" pointing out our slightly ridiculous over-reliance on search engines for the most menial of questions. The lyrics are set alongside some glorious instrumentation that I can imagine going down an absolute treat at a Low Island gig.

The band have set up a search bot of their own for you to ask your questions to (in response to my "when will it stop raining" it told me "you don't need to worry about this" so fingers crossed... and lots of fun to be had!)

The band have a few festival slots coming up, including a couple of sets at Glastonbury and Latitude before heading back to London for a headline Low Island & Friends show at Electrowerkz on 6th November - tickets & full dates here.

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