Thursday 13 June 2019

LISTEN: China Bears - 'Sunday'

Following their lively recent single Stay For Good, Somerset's China Bears are back with Sunday. Slower in pace to begin with, the track is a far more intimate and vulnerable release, building to a more energetic outro reminiscent of the likes of Dry The River and The National.

Guitarist Frazer explains that the track was "written about one particular Sunday afternoon. I had just moved away from home to university and became extremely isolated and insecure in myself and my abilities, and on that day it was a little too much. I think everyone goes through that feeling at some stage, circumstances cause friendships and relationships to change and you can feel like people aren't there for you anymore." 

"It's very honest and seems bleak but looking back I think it's quite hopeful. Its understanding I was struggling and being lucky enough to have someone there to confide in. I remember it being quite a quick writing process but it took a while with extensive sessions to get it sounding how it is now." 

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