Friday 14 June 2019

LISTEN: BE GOOD - 'God Of Nowhere' EP

I really really really love this band. Oxford quartet BE GOOD have today shared their God Of Nowhere EP. As silky smooth as ever in the lyrics, vocals and sounds, the EP features brand new track Cape Of Night alongside five (ace) previously released tracks from the last couple of years, bringing together their best work so far (all of it?) into a gorgeous release. A favourite for me has to be It's Cool But It Ain't You - I adore that song.

The opening track of the EP, its centre piece is the band's debut track Not Waking Up, originally released just over two years ago. The track has been given a new video featuring band members Ash Cooke (vocals, guitar), Charlie Clarke (drums), James Cunning (synths) and Patrick Burley (bass).

Talking of the track, Ash describes it as being "about the time I woke up on New Year's Day covered in soot because I'd slept in a fireplace at a house party - the prick who was having the party wouldn't let me sleep anywhere else. Crawling out of the fireplace the next day felt strangely like a rebirth [...] in the end the track ended up touching on themes of disconnection and renewal, but you can really just take it as a groggy party anthem for the sleep-deprived." 

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