Thursday 13 June 2019

WATCH: Say Yes Dog - 'Feel Better'

Fresh from supporting one of my favourite artists, Fil Bo Riva, on tour, German-Luxembourgish trio Say Yes Dog have shared the third single to be taken from their album Voyage, which is out now. Feel Better is a catchy slice of electro-pop, bringing 80s influences to the sound and video, which was directed by Adam Sait

Talking about the video, the band explain that “When we finished to produce ‘Feel Better’, we felt we needed a second layer to the upbeat vibe of the track to make it visually more fascinating. When we got Adam Sait on board to direct our video, he introduced to us the idea of turning the hook of the chorus into a liberating mantra, giving the song a more twisted take. [...] we let Adam follow his instinct and create an imagery for the song: the outcome is a silly, dopey representation of it. We feel that most of the time it is better and more natural not to take yourself too seriously rather than create an overly constructed vision of yourself and your song".

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