Monday 1 April 2019

LISTEN: Whethan & Bearson - 'Win You Over' (feat. SOAK)

Happy Monday! Sharing one of the best tracks I heard last week (and which very quickly made its way onto my 2019 Spotify playlist) from Whethan, Bearson and SOAK. It's the first release from 19-year-old Chicago-born producer Whethan, aka Ethan Snoreck, since his 2018 debut album Life Of A Wallflower Vol. 1, bringing together the eclectic sounds and influences of the three artists to create something really special. My interest was certainly peaked when I saw that the track featured vocals from SOAK, whose new record Grim Town is due for release on 26th April - I can't wait for that one and I've really been digging the recent single Knock Me Off My Feet.

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