Tuesday 30 April 2019

LISTEN: MF Tomlinson - 'Nature Boy'

After catching a beautiful Tusks set earlier on the Bear's Den tour I was excited to see that she had brought the full band along for the London show last Tuesday, and I really enjoyed their set. The next day I sat down to listen to some submissions and a face in an email looked familiar... and sure enough, Tusks' guitarist Michael Tomlinson was staring at me through the screen. He's just shared his debut single under the moniker MF Tomlinson - but is keen to stress that this is very much a group effort.

New cut Nature Boy features some rather glorious flute solos courtesy of Ami Koda (who is in the single artwork alongside Michael), vocals from Connie Chatwin, was co-written with Angus James (keys) and developed alongside Ed Grimshaw (drums). On the track, MF Tomlinson describes it as "a reckoning with the situation we find ourselves in... growth and acceptance faces opposition from a sometimes heart-breaking reality. [...] We're all the hero in our own stories - you could think about it as a theme song for a hopeful person in a fucked up world."

MF Tomlinson headlines The Lexington in London on May 22nd - tickets here.

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