Thursday 17 January 2019

WATCH: Johnny Flynn - 'Fol-De-Rol' (Live at The Roundhouse)

Johnny Flynn's gig at The Roundhouse towards the end of 2017 remains one of the best nights of live music I've experienced (it was the night I discovered Cosmo Sheldrake after all!) I adore the live album which was released a couple of months back - as far as I know, it's the first time a show I was at has been recorded and released in this way so it's pretty exciting! The vinyl version of the album is a 3LP release and features photos from the show of Johnny and his band, as well as a description of why the show meant so much to the band. As Johnny writes, "it felt like a special night in lots of ways, but mostly because all our best beloveds were there and we were able to celebrate our friendship as a band and the music we have been making since those early days in the backrooms of pubs and flats, mostly a stone's throw from the Roundhouse." At the show, live visuals provided the back-drop for the band, reacting to the noise levels and giving the show something really unique. The visuals for Fol-De-Rol have been released recently and the video is certainly worth a watch!

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