Wednesday 23 January 2019

WATCH: Fil Bo Riva - 'Go Rilla / L'Over' (Cardinal Sessions)

He's one of my favourite musical discoveries of the past few years and 22nd March honestly can't come quickly enough so that you can all listen to Fil Bo Riva's debut record. I'm incredibly lucky to have had a listen to the record already and can tell you that it's as brilliant as I'd hoped it would be! More on that closer to the release... For now, here's a beautiful acoustic session for Cardinal Sessions with Fil and the band performing recent singles Go Rilla and L'Over. The recordings are going to be part of a special acoustic EP released alongside a special edition of the album in March!

Pre-order your copy of the record here, and check out Fil's upcoming tour dates, including London's Oslo Hackney on May 1st here.
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