Monday 28 January 2019

LISTEN: Florence + The Machine - 'Moderation'

"Want me to love you in moderation. Do I look moderate to you?" 

From the first listen I was absolutely loving this surprise new (and fairly sassy) track from Florence + The Machine, the first release from the band since the superb 2018 record High As Hope, their fourth studio album. Moderation opens with the pounding of a piano, set against Florence's beautifully unique vocals asking "Who do you think you're talking to?" The fast tempo of the track places it more closely to the sound of second and third albums Ceremonials and How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. B-side Haunted House falls closer to the latest record in its sound, in that it is a short and sweet piano ballad, with gorgeous harmonies which are anything but haunting. Always a treat to have new music from Florence!

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