Friday 18 January 2019

LISTEN: Candy Says - 'Running Up That Hill'

Oxford's Beanie Tapes (yep, you guessed - a cassette tape label releasing music from a host of brilliant local artists including Premium Leisure and Max Blansjaar exclusively to tape - check them out!) have sent me some rather exciting news about their own band Candy Says. They've only gone and recorded two brand new tracks for new Netflix film Close, which is released today and stars Noomi Rapace! Watch a trailer here.

For the opening credits of the film, the duo were asked by the film's Oxford-based director Vicky Jewson to record a version of Kate Bush's classic Running Up That Hill which fit the mood of the film (in which "to protect an heiress from highly trained kidnappers, a lone security expert (Rapace) must unravel a sinister plot - while striving to stay alive.") They have most certainly risen to the challenge - and then some! Working with the film's composer Marc Canham, with whom they'd previously worked on the Netflix film Burn Burn Burn, the duo have created a really intense and mysterious soundscape to mirror the themes of the film. Perhaps most excitingly - the cover has the approval of Kate Bush herself!

Candy Says are due to release their new EP You Are Beautiful; We Are All Beautiful online in April alongside a UK tour. The EP was released physically in Oxford at the end of 2018, proving to be Beanie Tapes best release to date - selling out its first pressing in a day, and the second in a week, with local music magazine Nightshift giving the lead track a rave review.

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