Tuesday 29 January 2019

LISTEN: VC Pines - 'Vixen'

Jack Mercer has been sharing tracks for the past year or so under the moniker VC Pines, garnering attention from the likes of BBC Radio's Steve Lamacq, Lauren Laverne and Huw Stephens and rightly so. His intensely personal lyrics and unique blend of alternative soul has me really digging new track Vixen, which Jack describes as being "about mental vacancy", going on to explain that "I'd been focused so much on my music for months and months and months and had kind of forgotten people that were most important in my life." 

Knowing of Jack's experiences of epilepsy and chromesthesia (whereby sounds can evoke an experience of colour) helps to unlock the track's meaning - Jack explains that "the song is a statement to say that even if I'm vacant minded here and there, and seem like just a shell, not to worry about me. Mental vacancy is also something that can happen to me physically as a symptom of epilepsy, but I'm always okay after a seizure and it's not something that will be the end of me." 

Following a few years as the frontman of indie rock band The Carnabys, Jack has built up a reputation as an impressive live performer, which he has carried with him to VC Pines shows, which sometimes feature a 7-piece live band. If you're digging the track like I am, see what all the fuss is about on April 3rd when he headlines The Lexington in London (event page here).

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