Monday 13 August 2018

WATCH: Leyya - 'Wannabe'

I'm loving this track from Austrian duo Leyya which I just found in the blog's inbox - one of the best things about getting submissions sent by various PR is certainly finding bands from other countries who I'd likely have never discovered otherwise! The track follows up their second album Sauna, released back in January. Leyya are a duo made up of Sophie Lindinger and Marco Kleebauer, who among quite a string of achievements have racked up over 3 million Spotify plays, played a bunch of festival slots this Summer, and recently opened for Arcade Fire in Vienna.

With the track repeating the phrase "I wanna be like you wanna be like me" the duo refer to a "problem almost everyone can relate to: Wanting to be like somebody else. Ironically - we find - its often also the other way around." Rupert Höller, who directed the video for Wannabe, describes it as being "about the feeling that there is always someone cooler, better than you and the endless circle this thinking causes [...] In the video, we created a world where two clones are constantly fighting and making up again [...] fighting for their status, both admiring and envying each other, and yet enjoying their company. This abstract world set in the glowing summer sun of Croatia's landscape visualises the absurdity of the dissatisfaction with one's self and celebrates this feeling." 

Leyya tour Europe later in the year, with a show at London's Sebright Arms on 23rd October - tickets here.

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