Thursday 23 August 2018

LISTEN: Sivu - 'Trickle'

For years Sivu (aka James Page) has held a really special place in my heart - his stunning vocals, songwriting and the production of Charlie Andrew have made for some of the best new music of the last few years. Tracks like Sleep and Family Tree mean the world to me. Sivu returned last Summer with Sweet Sweet Silent, the follow up to debut record Something On High (2014) - both are sublime pieces of art.

He's recently shared Trickle, a track which was written and recorded during work on the second record, but which didn't fit with the rest of the record. Luckily for us, as James begins to write and figure out where to take his music, particularly in the light of his experiences with Ménière's disease, he has shared the track. In its lyrics and sound, the track is both exposed and exposing, Sivu explains it is about "feeling awkward in your own skin and realising not everything is within your control." 

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