Tuesday 24 January 2023

LISTEN: Bo Milli - 'Good Kid'

Reaaaaally digging this one. An indie-rock environmentalist? Right up my street. I loved Bo Milli's feature on Lokoy's track a mistake back in 2021, and it's always a treat to see that she's got a solo track out. Good Kid is another instant favourite - a personal track reflecting on Milli's responsibility in the fight against a climate catastrophe which sees her repeating the chorus line "I'm a good kid, I'm not meant to change the world." And yet...

Talking on the track, Milli shares: "the lines in the chorus are essentially what I'm tempted to say to myself when I want to throw in the towel and see everything play out. It's a logic that's difficult to argue with, but nevertheless, I think it's the wrong conclusion. It's an attitude that disregards my responsibility, and it doesn't feel good to live like that." 

"My parents' reaction to my own civil disobedience has pretty much been: 'you're a good kid, you don't have to change the world'. They grew up in a different reality. I think younger people implicitly live as if that world still exists - if I get some kind of education, I'll land a steady job, at some point I'll settle down, I'll grow old and have a pension. But I think, if we interrogate these presumptions, this future doesn't add up." 

"When I imagine the year 2100, given I could technically still be alive then, we're looking at a 3-degree warmer world. In that world, it's unlikely I'll have a steady pension and my (future) grandkids definitely will be living in a much scarier world. And that seems very unfair."

"No matter what I do we're probably fucked - so whatever I do (or don't do) regarding the climate crisis doesn't impact whether I'm a good kid. This is the kind of reassurance I think I look for on some level during the many bleak conversations I have about our future. The fact of the matter is, very powerful systems are pushing us towards the point of no return, possibly we've already passed that. This is a gut punch, but maybe it excuses me from responsibility..."

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