Wednesday 25 January 2023

GIG NEWS: Stornoway at EartH London (14th April)

It's been a minute (read: a few years) since I did a post of this sort... but the long sought-after return of one of my favourite bands to the world of gigging warrants the return of... gig news!! Having warmed themselves up with a couple of festival slots last summer, Oxford's folk legends Stornoway head to EartH Hackney on the 14th April for their first gig since 2017. Pretty much exactly what we all need, I think. 

I've written about them here before... how I was somehow unaware of the band until meeting bassist Oli through the local Sofar Sounds shows in Oxford and finding out that he was in a band. A pretty cool band too - and one that the people of Oxford (and beyond) rightfully adored. I went to a few shows, in venues varying from the local record shop Truck Store to the enormous New Theatre for the last show of their farewell tour in 2017 (I wrote about working on that show here.) I spent a few years working with Oli and Tom too in my first music job - Stornoway have had quite the impact on my life. I love them. 

I was already a big fan, but I've fallen somehow deeper for their music in the past couple of years. They're a band with strong connections and passions in the world of birds and conservation (their frontman Brian Briggs is a reserve manager for the WWT) and as I've developed a love for visiting wild places and birdwatching in the past couple of years, their music has provided the soundtrack (in tandem with Johnny Flynn, of course.) Here's a suitably bird-themed video... 

The idea of getting to see them live again is bringing me so much joy - though I've got to get tickets first... they're on sale Friday morning to members of their mailing list. You can sign up here

Here's hoping that more shows and (dare I hope?) more music are to follow. Crossing my fingers!

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  1. These were such super good news, when the newsletter came! A band dearly missed throughout the years. I wasn't lucky that friday even I kept refreshing the page a billion times. Hope you got some tickets and will be able to attend the show in April!

    1. I missed out on tickets too! Clearly very missed - fingers crossed for more shows we can both get to