Wednesday 1 February 2023

LISTEN: Sivu - 'Wild Horse Running'

I absolutely *could* be sat here wading through my ever-growing inbox, but one of my favourite artists in the world is back and I simply haaaave to share this. If you've been here for the long haul, you'll know that I'm a big fan of Sivu (AKA James Page, but not that one). He's got two albums under his belt, Something On HIgh (2014) and Sweet Sweet Silent (2017) which book-ended my time at university, and he's an utter sweetheart. He was the support at my second gig at university (Nick Mulvey) and I went on to follow him around to a fair few shows over the next few years. He's an artist whose music I am sure I will never tire of, and the time has finally come - Sivu is back, and there's a new track in the world taken from his upcoming third album. Enjoy Wild Horse Running - I certainly am...! 

On the new track, James shares: "'Wild Horse Running' grew from this yearning to escape, whether mentally or physically I'm still unsure - but to me the image of a wild horse running is the epitome of freedom and conjures so many feelings of strength, resilience and really a triumph in physical evolution. From there the song just grew in my mind, with an almost cinematic view in my head. 

I played on that imagery also, within the song mocking myself and my own male ego having this constant need to improve and selfishly fulfil my own desires over anyone else's needs. 

I think ultimately the song is just me trying to convince myself I'm not done yet and still have something to contribute. It's incredibly self indulgent but a general battle I face within my core as a musician and now father." 

The new music sees James once again working with producer Charlie Andrew, on whose label (Square Leg Records) the new album will be released. Charlie shares: "James is such a special artist, he's a big part of the reason I started the label originally and I'm very honoured that he's trusted me in the studio across all 3 of his albums.

We took a bit of a different approach this time round, partly due to the challenges of writing/recording during the pandemic and partly hitting upon a formula that seemed to work as we progressed. It's more upbeat than Sweet Sweet Silent. He was in a different life space writing and I think that comes across in the music. He's also been more hands-on in the studio, chipping in with a lot of programming ideas etc. This made the process feel fresh for us, it was a total pleasure." 

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