Wednesday 11 May 2022

WATCH: Rae Morris - 'Go Dancing (feat. Fryars)'

If you need a big ol' slice of joy in your life today, let me deliver it via this five minute music video. You all know how much I adore Rae Morris and how excited I am for her new record in July - well, there's a new track!!!! Go Dancing features Rae's long-time collaborator & producer (... and now husband!) Fryars. They really are the dream team and this is maybe my favourite track they've both featured on so far. The track is lovely, but the video is just.... a delight! We find Rae back in Blackpool, taking her dancing shoes to the famous Tower Ballroom... where we last saw her in the Dancing With Character video. Brb, counting down the days until the record is in my arms. 

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