Monday 16 May 2022

LISTEN: Paolo Nutini - 'Through The Echoes'

AHHHHH! As if a live Mika medley on Eurovision over the weekend wasn't enough, Paolo Nutini is back!!!!! Both of their debut albums were a permanent fixture in our car stereo in 2007, and listening back to These Streets as I type this (... and get distracted from typing this) I'm discovering that all these years later, I remember every word and every note of it. The end of primary school for me, I guess it was a pretty formative time for me musically - the debut album from The Hoosiers (still my faves) came out later that year and basically shaped my life from there. 

Paolo last released a record in 2014, a few months before I moved away to University, and before the blog existed on this page. His return is the BEST news. We all deserve this, right? I don't have a press release (or, indeed, a direct line to Paolo) for a quote on this one - but just take my excitement over his return as all the encouragement you need to give this one a listen. Then, if you've got the time (or if you haven't) go on a deep dive into the era of music that gets you nostalgic - I'm very much enjoying my little walk down memory lane here! 

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