Tuesday 10 May 2022

WATCH: Abbie Ozard - 'Rose Tinted'

Question. Do they call it dream-pop because it's pop music and it is a pure dream to listen to? This new Abbie Ozard track backs up my theory. It is genuinely a dream, and aaaall too relatable. Give me all of the tracks that explore being in your mid twenties and being confused as to what on earth you're doing because they are calling to me right now. Rose Tinted is the final track to be taken from Abbie's upcoming Water Based Lullabies EP, which is due via House Anxiety on 1st July. 

Talking about the track, Abbie shared: "Rose tinted was a poem I wrote a few years back when I realised all my friends were growing up and I felt kinda left behind. I found myself covering up these feelings with clothes and messing with the way I looked. I even tried meditating, which I hated because it made me think way too much. It's an observation on how 20 somethings cope with transitioning into adulthood, how they share morning routines online, meditate to stay calm, buy new outfits - that whole 'don't get depression vibe'. I want to be able to soundtrack my generation."

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