Thursday 5 May 2022

LISTEN: Cj Pandit - 'If It Hurts, It's Healing'

I've been really bad at blogging lately but I promise I've been listening to lots of brill music - recently basically just Baby Queen on repeat forever... no regrets. A track I've been loving is the latest from pal of the blog Cj Pandit, If It Hurts, It's Healing. It's the third to be taken from his upcoming second EP +44, due soon (ish? maybe?) via Never Fade Records. Tender and uplifting as ever, this one is so gooooood. Love ya Cj! 

About the track, he shares: "I was going through a yearly/monthly/weekly crisis of confidence and identity and just decided to live in it for a bit, to see what I could find and put together. This song was it. Grief is just a version of love breaking down, and sometimes you've gotta let things go. Sometimes, you have to stare in the mirror to see what's going on. If it hurts, it's healing is a little adventure into self discovery and mourning your former self, or something that's been eating you up and defining your character for a big chunk of time." 

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