Monday 12 July 2021

LISTEN: Half Moon Run - 'Inwards & Onwards' EP

I've been a little nostalgic over the blog of late, and found that Half Moon Run were a band that I championed quite early on, sharing various new tracks, videos and tour dates to Tumblr. I'd actually 'found' them through a 4 for £10 offer in my local HMV store, where I picked up a copy of their debut album on CD - I'm not sure if I'd even heard of them, let alone listened to them, but the artwork (and the £2.50 price tag) pulled me in and I've never looked back. The blog has evolved a lot since then, and the band along with it. Their latest (and brilliant) EP Inwards & Onwards has been out for a few weeks now, but I felt a sudden urgency to share it here...

I've been self-isolating at home for the past few days, and have just watched both series of Feel Good on Netflix, which is written by, and stars, Canadian comedian Mae Martin. The show has one of the best TV soundtracks that I've ever heard, mostly thanks to the swathes of Half Moon Run, new and old, interspersed throughout it (Mae is a big fan) but also the likes of Fleet FoxesAjimal, Leif Vollebekk and Phoebe Bridgers. I genuinely don't feel as if I've seen a TV show make such brilliant use of music before, where it wasn't written specifically for the show. 

In a conversation with Mae, HMR's Conner Molander discusses how the pandemic affected the band, putting a stop to touring, encouraging creativity, and losing them a bandmate (amiably). He also mentioned that they've got a lot of music that they're currently working on... between this EP, last year's Seasons of Change EP and The Covideo Sessions it's a pretty good time to be a HMR fan. Better still if you're in the UK (London..) as they're playing Lafayette on 16th June next year (it's sold out, but you can join a waiting list here.)

Check out the Inwards & Onwards EP here.

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