Wednesday 21 July 2021

WATCH: Luna Morgenstern - 'Tonight'

In (very) exciting and slightly meta events that have happened in the past week... I had a hand in writing a bit of the press release for this video! Writing a paragraph for a press release for the first time is, it turns out, incredibly daunting - despite all the rambling I do here. Made easier however when the thing you're writing about is this good. Luna Morgenstern released her Taking the Blow EP recently and it's genuinely a stunner. 

Before the EP, Luna found herself working as a music producer at a music agency specialising in advertising. Feeling unable to write music, she took the job after the loss of her mother, but lost sight of herself amidst intense working hours and very little downtime. Quitting and working on the EP was an all or nothing decision - "if I don't do this now, I never will." In a fairly unique position among her (female) contemporaries, Luna is an engineer and producer alongside being a performer and writer, and the body of work is a beautiful and incredibly powerful reflection of her talents in all respects. Vast soundscapes combine with intimate writing, there's something almost filmic in the tracks. 

The video for current single Tonight is just that, recorded by Luna's film student boyfriend Ties Bruins. Luna explains - "we wanted to take this rather romantic and dreamy theme and flip the mood in the video to something unsettling, by shooting in a gritty location resembling a cell, thus reflecting the jail that your own thoughts can be."

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