Friday 2 July 2021

WATCH: Liz Lawrence - 'Down For Fun'

I bloody love Liz Lawrence. After releasing new track Saturated a couple of weeks back, she's just shared a video for previous single Down For Fun. Both tracks are taken from her upcoming studio album The Avalanche, due on September 17th. While on the surface the video is a little bit tongue in cheek, look a little closer and it extends on the themes of the song itself, a rallying call for strength and power to teenage girls who might feel sidelined. Liz explains: "all the subcultures and countercultures I was around were very male-dominated, and this is about feeling like there are other options. It's the words I needed to hear."

In true 'we love to see it' style, Liz wrote, arranged, performed and produced the entire album herself, trying to capture the essence of her joyous live shows on the record. "I feel like there's power and aggression in the way I perform live, and I wanted to capture that. It was a complete pleasure to write. I'd had all that anxiety around releasing 'Pity Party' after such a long period of not writing under my own name. But I was buzzing off the fact that people were receptive to it live, and it gave me so much confidence to make this. I like to dance, and I like to move, and I wanted to make a record that people would move to quite naturally, I wanted it to have motion. I think it's quite silly, and it's joyful, and I'm not always sure people expect that from me."  

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