Wednesday 14 April 2021

WATCH: Luca Firth - 'Wings'

When the press release for this track landed in my inbox listing influences including Justin Vernon and Sharon van Etten I had a feeling that I'd probably enjoy it. I'm not sure I was ready for just how much I might fall in love with it. Love me a bit of alt-folk. Wings is the debut single from London-based Luca Firth, and it is a stunning introduction to his work. Luring you in with a stripped back acoustic guitar line and enchanting vocals, layers begin to build into a glorious alt-folk crescendo. 

On the track, he shares that it is "a sort of autobiographical statement of where I was at that point in time. While writing and recording, I realised I was kind of just at a loss. I was confused and struggling to picture what I was going to do with my life - as so many people were at the time." 

The track was recorded in isolation in his student halls at Exeter University, a situation offering up its own inspirations and challenges. With just a laptop, microphone and a couple of guitars, furniture was used to create percussive sounds, while Luca rearranged, recorded and mixed songs which he had written over Summer, inspired by a trip to his grandparents hometown in Italy during a break in lockdown. I can't wait to hear more!!

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