Monday 26 April 2021

WATCH: Mellah - 'Easy Breezy'

Don't get me wrong, I loved recent singles Hitchin and Habit but I *think* that Mellah might have just released my favourite track of his. Easy Breezy has been floating around in my head (it's more than welcome) since I first heard it a few days back. The track arrives as part of the upcoming Them EP - the first in a trilogy of EPs, all due for release this year and referred to collectively as 333. 

Easy Breezy appears on the surface as a colourful and catchy track, but the hooks sit atop satirical lyrics serving as a comment on society's willingness to ignore things that aren't right, to accept things that shouldn't be accepted. It's an approach which runs through much of his work, and he shares that "I often feel quite a lot of anger at society and how people seem to snub injustice as long as it's outside their picket fence. We willingly consume these sanitised shrink-wrapped little canapés of reality, casually indifferent to the blood in the kitchen. It seems crazy to me that most people aren't angry about it, don't rally to change it."

The trilogy of EPs - ThemUs and Me are releasing on Columbia Records, and Mellah describes them as "scratching a compulsive lifelong tic". Through childhood and into adolescence, Mellah had OCD which manifested as a fixation on the number 3 - "to this day I still see the world separated into 3 parts. One thing, its opposite and together the whole; the liminal space between the two extremes, the point of balance, oneness in duality. For example - future, past, now; birth, death, life; good, evil... human." 

He recently shared a documentary entitled Floorspace - a 7-minute visual biography exploring gentrification, generification, consumerism, capitalism, loneliness, mental health, grief, social media etc. It's brilliant and worth a watch here.

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