Wednesday 7 April 2021

EP NEWS: Rachel Sermanni - 'Swallow Me'

I've said it before... Stay Loose are absolutely smashing it with their PR roster right now (as ever). Latest addition is bonafide folk legend Rachel Sermanni. I've (shamefully) not given her back catalogue much of a listen yet but I caught Rachel playing at a Sofar Sounds show a few years back in a tiny Oxford art gallery and remember being left completely under her spell. Excited to share that she is releasing a new EP entitled Swallow Me - and has today released the title track. Rejoice!

The EP was written predominantly while pregnant on tour in the US, and charts the experiences of pregnancy, and of losing things which had played such a large part in her life for years. Travelling the world, creating without limits, living life on a whim. On the EP she shares "the thread that weaves most clearly throughout this collection is one of letting go. Jellyfish go where the current flows. It takes courage to be passive. If you can accept everything, you can embody the jellyfish."

"This song is me asking for some sort of relief, or maybe release. I'm basically asking that the universe give me a break or, at least, a pat on the back. Some form of divine acknowledgement of the heavy lifting I'd been doing (physically and psychologically) in coming to surrender into the changes - of becoming a Ma - and finding love in what felt like a scary situation. In its entirety, with the chorus woven in, it is a balm in that it accepts that this path is my path."

Rachel's EP Swallow Me is due 4th June.

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