Thursday 27 July 2017

WATCH: Seramic perform 'Trying' at Bushstock 2017

As I'm heading to Shepherd's Bush this evening for the Music for Grenfell show with the likes of The Hoosiers and Sam Swallow performing, I'm reminiscing over the wonderful day of live music that was this year's Bushstock Festival back in June. A huge highlight for me was a secret set from one of my favourite new acts Seramic, with Marcus and Layla bringing their beautiful voices and stunning harmonies to a tiny Shepherd's Bush wine bar with simply a keyboard to accompany them. The set left me grinning from ear to ear, telling friends at the festival what they'd just missed, and I remember writing on Twitter that it was no exaggeration to say that the set was one of the best things I'd ever seen. They had released the I Got You EP not long before the festival and closed their set with its final track, which also happens to be my favourite from the EP, the wonderfully emotional Trying. Thankfully the performance was caught on camera and a video of them performing the track has been uploaded recently - get watching below to have your socks blown off by their voices.

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