Thursday 6 July 2017

WATCH: Lucy Rose - 'Something's Changing'

Last Summer Lucy Rose headed off on a tour of South America, playing free shows that were booked by fans who had all asked Lucy to play in their towns. The fans put her up in their houses, showing her around their towns and countries and, as Lucy wrote in tour diaries at the time, quickly came to feel like friends. It's pretty difficult to imagine just how special the tour must have been but now we don't have to, as Lucy yesterday released her documentary Something's Changing, featuring footage from the tour and some really heartfelt narration about her connection with her fans. I actually wrote about the tour a few months back for an essay about the changing relationship between fans and musicians which we're seeing as a result of social media, coming to the conclusion that this tour was a wonderful thing, and watching this documentary has only cemented that belief! Hearing Lucy speak about how fans are often wrongly stigmatised for the passion they show artists and how this should in fact be appreciated and reciprocated gives me so much happiness, and we would certainly benefit from having more artists like Lucy. She recently played a Glastonbury rehearsal with some fans who have listened to her the most on Spotify and last night met fans who had pre-ordered her upcoming record to personally deliver their albums and hang out with them in her local pub. I highly recommend you take 20 minutes to check out the documentary and become acquainted with Lucy and her beautiful tunes!

Lucy Rose releases a record of the same name as the documentary, Something's Changing, this Friday (7th) - pre-order it here!

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