Tuesday 11 July 2017

LISTEN: Roo Panes - 'Soldier of Hope'

How lovely to have the beautiful voice of Roo Panes back with a new track, somewhat of an interlude between his 2016 record Paperweights and some new music. It isn't quite new, as Soldier of Hope is a track he wrote nearly 11 years ago but it is all kinds of beautiful so I'm glad that he decided to record it! Writing about the track, Roo says that "It's a very simple track, and it's not a single release or anything, but I just wanted to share it with you as its a song with a story! I hope it's something for you to enjoy whilst I continue writing some new stuff!" If Roo's music is new to you and you're enjoying this, I recommend checking out his latest record Paperweights which kicks off with the beautiful tune Stay With Me.

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