Thursday 13 July 2017

WATCH: Hider - 'Yosemite'

Following a six year break from making music as a solo artist, in which he sold guitars on Denmark Street and produced for other artists as well as composing for adverts and film trailers, a previously acclaimed singer-songwriter (who... your guess is as good as mine!) has returned under the apt moniker Hider. The anonymous songster has just released a summery new tune, Yosemite, which has hints of Foster The People about it in the chorus and is the follow up to first single You Look So Amazing. The track is a time capsule of youthful summer love, about which Hider explains that “I’ve always found it easier to write sad songs and often reflect on the past in my songs. With ‘Yosemite’ I wanted to write a song to express how I am feeling right now in my current relationship without being too soppy or emotional, a positive celebratory love song.”

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