Tuesday 9 February 2016

WATCH: Jonny Payne - 'Calling Out to the Sea'

Last week I ran the door for a small show at Oxford venue The Library, where Jonny Payne & the Thunder were headlining, with support from Sylva Kay and Dan Rawle. As it was an intimate show, I was able to create a rapport with the audience and had a really fun evening chatting to the people who came down to the show - it was interesting to see a show from this perspective! The artists were all lovely people too - I was new to Jonny's music but checked out some videos online before the show and really enjoyed his set (which I could just about see through the packed out room, see pic of my view here), I'm loving this video of him performing 'Calling Out to the Sea' at an abandoned greenhouse.

If you like what you hear, check out another video from these sessions here, with Jonny performing the track 'Across the Brooklyn Bridge at Night'.

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