Sunday 28 February 2016

LIVE: Little Mammoths at The Library, Oxford (24/2/16)

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I'd organised a gig through my placement with Tigmus, bringing Little Mammoths to Oxford for their first ever show here, the last date on their East of Insanity tour. The show was this Wednesday and was a success, I'm very proud of how it went. Although it didn't sell out I was so chuffed with how many people came along - particularly as it was the first gig I'd ever organised (an honour for that to be the LM guys). Had some really nice comments about the show from people as they were leaving, the whole night left me pretty ecstatic! 

Here's a snippet of what went down in Little Mammoths set... confusingly enough the track, Get Me Back To Austin, is actually one of Matt's solo tracks from the album Songs For An Empty Room  (my favourite track off of the album in fact!) which I reviewed back in May last year (read that here). The album was pretty much instrumental in me relaunching this blog (long story short: when I first met Matt I told him I had a music blog, which at the time was on Tumblr and mostly a stream of new videos/sessions etc, and he gave me a copy of the record to listen to and review, at which point I decided to buy a URL, relaunch the blog and make a proper go of it.) Little Mammoths have an album, Phantom Dreams, coming out some time later this year, which, excitingly, they're releasing on vinyl. I've heard it and can't wait for it to be released into the world - I'll write up a review of that once there's more information on the release! 

Support on Wednesday came from local band Roberto y Juan, who I was really glad to get along to the show, after seeing them play a fantastic EP launch at the beginning of the month. If you're in Oxford, they're supporting a few upcoming Tigmus shows - the first of which (as far as I know!) is Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro at The Bullingdon in March (tix here.)

Roberto y Juan sound-checking, photo credit: Megan Seekings

Little Mammoths, photo credit: Megan Seekings
Here's to organising more shows! Also... if you happen to be in Ireland (though I doubt my blog reaches that far), Little Mammoths just announced a crazy run of at least 20 shows in 8 days, with acoustic sets during the day and rock n roll sets at night in a bunch of their favourite pubs. Dates and tickets on their site here.

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